Awareness Day, Weeks and Months!

As the founders of Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, we know how important these kind of events are to highlight illnesses and issues.

To help people and organisations, we have collated a list of the UK wide and international events related to all things perinatal mental illness, mental health, women, families, parents and children.

Disclaimer- we are aware some of the 2023 dates may not be correct throughout as details of some events have not been announced. We will do a monthly check and update with any new information. If you see your event on here and the information, date or weblink is incorrect, please let us know and we will update it ASAP.

If you are an organisation who run an awareness campaign, do let us know the dates and the weblink for information by sending an email to

Thank you to all those lovely people who have helped collate this list and to Laura and Leanne.

Eve x

September 2022

Gynaelogical Cancer Awareness Month – 1- 30th September 2022

Urology Awareness Month – 1 – 30th September  2022

Maternal Suicide Awareness Week 4- 10th September 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day – 10th September 2022

World Childless Week – 11- 18th September 2022

Black Maternal Health Awareness Week – 12- 18th September 2022 (postponed)

World Sepsis Day – 13th September 2022

International Week of Happiness at Work – 18- 25th September 2022

Black Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 26 September- 3nd October 2022

World Contraception Awareness Day- 26th September 2022


Breast Cancer Awareness Month- 1- 31st October 2022

Baby Loss Awareness Week – 9- 15th October 2022

OCD Awareness Week – 9- 15th October 2022

National Work Life Week – 10 – 14th October 2022

World Mental Health Day –  10th October 2022

Sexual Health Week- 10- 15th October 2022

PANDAS Awareness Week- 10- 15th October 2022

International Day of the Girl Child – 11th October 2022

World Perimenopause Awareness Day – 11th October 2022

National No Bra Day – 13th October 2022
Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

International Day of Rural Women – 15th October 2022

World Menopause Day – 18th October 2022 (October is also World Menopause Month)


National Stress Awareness Day – 2nd November 2022

Transgender Parents Day – 6th November 2022

World Diabetes Day- 14th November 2022

Self Care Week – 14 – 20th November 2022

Elimination of Violence Against Women Day – 25th November 2022


National Grief Awareness Week – 2- 8th December 2022

International Day of Persons With Disabilities – 3rd December 2022

International Volunteers Day – 5th December 2022


Brew Monday – 16th January 2023 ( this is the information for the 2022 day)

Jami Mental Health Awareness Shabbat (raising the profile of mental health in the Jewish Community)- 20 – 21st January 2023

World Breast Pumping Day – 27th January 2023


Children’s Mental Health Week  6-12 February 2023.

Time to Talk Day – 2nd February 2023

Eating Disorders Awareness Week – 24th February- 2nd March 2023

International Day of Zero Tolerance to FGM – 6th February 2023

LGBT+ History Month- 1-28th February 2023


Endometriosis Awareness Month – 1st- 31st March 2023

Self Injury Awareness Day – 1st March 2023

University Mental Health Day 3rd March 2023

World Sleep Day -17th March 2023

International Day of Happiness- 20th March 2023

World Bipolar Day – 30th March 2023


Stress Awareness Month – 1- 30th April 2023

International Caesarean Awareness Month – 1- 30th April 2023


Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week 1st- 7th May 2023

World Maternal Mental Health Awareness Day – 3rd May 2023

Postpartum Psychosis Awareness Day 5th May 2023

National Walking Month – 1 – 31st May 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week *date TBC*

International Midwives Day – 5th May 2023

International Bereaved Mothers Day – 7th May 2023

World Ovarian Cancer Day – 8th May 2023

European Babywearing Week – 2-8th May

International Day of Families  – 15th May 2023

Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day – 15th May 2023

International Nurses Day – 12th May 2023

Global Accessability Awareness Day – 18th May 2023

World Preeclampsia Day – 22nd May 2023

International Day to End Obstetric Fistula – 23rd May 2023

International Day of Action for Women’s Health – 28th May 2023

June 2023

Global Day of Parents – 1st June 2023

Volunteers Week – 1- 7th June 2023

International Women’s Day 8th June 2023

Father’s Mental Health Awareness Day – 21st June 2023

Learning Disability Week 19 – 25th June 2023

Infant Mental Health Awareness Week (dates to be announced )

Black Babywearing Week 19- 25th June 2023


Birth Trauma Awareness Week (dates to be announced)

International Self Care Day – 24th July 2023

National Schizophrenia Awareness Day – 25th July 2023


World Breastfeeding Week 1- 7 August 2023

Black Breastfeeding Week (dates to be confirmed)


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