UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week- Daily Themes!

We here at the Perinatal Mental Health Partnership are delighted to reveal the theme of this year’s UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week, taking place between 2-8th May , is The Power of Connection.

Each day of the Awareness Week will have its own unique theme and these are detailed below :

Monday 2nd May – The focus of the first day of the campaign will be ‘What is Maternal Mental Health’? We will provide an overview of the different illnesses that affect people in the perinatal period. 

Tuesday 3rd May- We will be focusing on ‘Smashing The Stigma. We know that around 1 in 10 women experience perinatal mental illness but our survey showed that many have felt unable to seek treatment as they feel a stigma is attached when asking for support.  We will share stories of recovery to highlight how perinatal mental illness can affect anyone, how to seek help and will encourage the sharing of articles, blogs and vlogs about recovery, looking ahead to the future and self-care. 

Wednesday 4th May- This is World Maternal Mental Health Day and we are honoured to be UK representatives.  The glonal theme for this year is Stronger Together , so we have built on this for our theme- which will be ‘The Power of Connection- We are Stronger Together’.

We will be focusing on what good support can look like and showcase how wide ranging it can be.  We will feature advice from health care professionals, and show how medication, therapy, help from the voluntary sector and safe peer support can be beneficial.

We will also encourage charities, local peer support groups and services to share their details on social media so families know what support is available across the UK. This could include details of the service, contact information, the areas they cover, information on safeguarding policies, training and supervision they have in place for staff and volunteers.

Thursday 5th May – We will be dedicating this day to highlighting information about perinatal mental illness for health care professionals to enable them to support all families.  The theme will be ‘Health Care Professionals- Information Hub’.

Friday 6th May- Our theme for the day will be the ‘Perinatal Positivity Pot’ focusing on how we work together to remove barriers to services so all families who need services can access them and will be sharing resources from across the UK.

Saturday 7th May – We will be focusing on what support is available for all families in the perinatal period and will feature a number of information sessions, highlighting organisations across the UK and their work.  The theme will be ‘Support For All ‘

Sunday 8th May – We will use the last day of the Awareness Week to lookback and reflect on the information that has been shared across the week.

We look forward to the UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week!

The hashtags for the week will be #thepowerofconnection and #maternalmhmatters



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Postpartum Psychosis survivor. Maternal Mental Health Warrior. Mother to wild child, mouth of a sailor and hips from butterville. Coordinator of the UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness week.

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