The 2021 UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week- overview !

Over the course of the last week, there has been a huge amount of information across social media and beyond,  shining a light on maternal mental illness and the help and support available. We know such a huge amount of info can be overwhelming, so below are links to some things we have shared over the week which may be helpful.

Live sessions

Antenatal Depression– what is it and what support is available –

Join our member Rosey @pndandme , founder of #PNDHour , as she chats with Isabelle from @nctcharity about Antenatal Depression and the Parents In Mind Project.

Here is the Parents in Mind page: and the Facebook group

What is a mother and baby unit?

Our member @eviecanavan chatted with @eastlondonmbu about what a mother and baby unit is and how they support women with severe perinatal mental illness to recover with their babies.

We hope this is reassuring and comforting.

How to talk to a health care professional about your symptoms –

Join @doctorkimberley and @eviecanavan as they have a chat about opening up about your feelings and what help and support is available.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how can it help with symptoms of maternal mental illness?

Join @eviecanavan and @laurahanstherapy as they discuss the benefits of CBT therapy when experiencing maternal mental illness. Laura is a psychotherapist who supports women in the perinatal period.

Pelvic floor and Postpartum Healing

Our member @eviecanavan spoke with Sarah Jane from @fitfannyadams and they had a very open discussion about pelvic floor, prolapses and postpartum healing – including issues with going to the loo! This was a very popular session when it went out live with lots of positive comments.

Things such as having difficulty controlling urine , bladder weakness , incontinence and bowel problems after birth are often not spoken about but can have a huge impact on your mental health. The aim of this session was to be open , with no shame , and for Sarah Jane to reassure you and provide support.

Positively Awesome Workshop with @stacieswift and @pndandme –

Our member Rosey was joined by the incredible Stacie Swift  for a chat and to work through some pages of her upcoming book, The Positively Awesome Journal.

It was a lovely session around bravery, motherhood and those little steps that add up in the journey to recovery.

There are free download pages so you can take part at home –
click on the link to access the downloads –

What is Tokophobia?

Our member @eviecanavan spoke with @londonperinatalwellness about Tokophobia  – the fear of pregnancy and childbirth.

It was a great discussion about what Tokophobia is, what causes it, what treatment is available and advocacy for women.

Maternal Suicide –

Trigger warning – we have followed The Samaritans guidelines on how to discuss suicide but want to advise people that thisnsession may be triggering and to take care while watching. This was an insightful and moving discussion with @abbies_mind @wearebey0nd and @eviecanavan where Abbie and Lizzie discuss the loss of their mums by suicide. We talk about the happy memories they hold, the grief process they experienced and their hope that we open up the conversation about suicide . We feel incredibly privileged to have  been asked to host this discussion and thank Abbie and Lizzie for being so open and honest.

Textile Collage Workshop –

London-based artist @onomeotite shares how to make a collage using mixed materials for Global Perinatal Positivity Pot day- UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week!

What happens if you are referred to a perinatal mental health team?

Join our member @eviecanavan as she chats with the super kind @lauratheacp , who is an assistant clinical psychologist who works in a perinatal mental health team. Instagram was not playing ball so you cant see Laura and it cuts out early but the most important thing is you can hear Laura as a reassuring voice that you can access pre conception support, help with antenatal depression,  find out what bump bonding is and what help is offered if you have a baby and dont feel like you thought you would.

Letters of Light Project –

Our member @eviecanavan met with the wonderful Liv, founder of @LettersofLightProject which connects mums recovered from maternal mental illness with those currently unwell. The project was recently mentioned on @thismorning by @drlarisacorda and is proving to be am invaluable support tool for women currently unwell.

Maternal mental illness in Muslim Communities –

Join our member Farah Lunat (@_farah_l) as she discusses Maternal mental health in the Muslim community with the brilliant Safura from @thelanterninitiative and Faiza from @rahamproject.

Parental Wellbeing and Black Maternal Mental Health –

A wonderful session with @eviecanavan and @insight_aie about how to be kind to yourself,  parental guilt, why it is okay to seek support , a discussion about cultural and religious reasons that may be holding people back from asking for help and a description of stress buckets and how helping yourself and showing self compassion is so important.

Guided Craft Session –

The brilliantly talented @mamalovescraft has created this 16 minute guided craft session in honour of #maternalmentalhealthawarenessweek. So go grab your craft supplies and follow along to create your very own paper #keepsake book to document your journey to recovery!

Finding your voice as a writer –

Our member @eviecanavan was joined by the wonderful @mothershipwriters to discuss creative writing and how anyone can do it. This was a hugely enjoyable session which ended on a lovely task – to consider 2 song titles and spend some time writing about the thoughts they spark in you about motherhood . Or anything else .
The songs are:
Loud Places
Miss You
Get Sun/Son

Singing for mental health and wellbeing-

Join the lovely @ruth_singingforhealth for a singing session (feel free to have your baby with you) . Group singing has been shown to be beneficial in a journey to recovery.

Maternal mental illness and support for mums in Jewish Communities

Take a listen to our member @eviecanavan talk with @menucha_london , who provide support to Jewish mums experiencing maternal mental illness. They have a brilliant helpline and website and are happy to take calls and provide advice across the UK.

The chat was so good, it ran on after the recording ran out ! We said our goodbyes just as it ended do no one has missed anything !

Motherhood and Mindfulness –

Our friend Kavita from @theunlikelymummy shares her personal experience of maternal mental illness and how mindfulness has been a positive support to her recovery. She also guides us through some simple mindfulness techniques that you may find helpful.

Ensuring perinatal mental health services are inclusive to LGBTQ+ families –

@eviecanavan met with  Lucy_w_guasp , consultant and trainer, for a discussion about how to ensure Perinatal Mental Health Services are inclusive to LGBTQ+ families.

What is perinatal mental health?

Join our member Ruth from @smilepeersupport , who recorded this video using British Sign Language,  outlining what perinatal mental health is for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Organisations who can provide support

Do take a look at this directory of help and support available to families in the perinatal period

Infographics and symptom checkers.



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