The theme of the 5th annual UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is……

We are delighted to be able to reveal the theme for this years UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week is Journeys to Recovery.

The week will take place between 3- 9May and to launch it and throughout, we will be inviting those who feel comfortable to do so, to share photographs of the different things that have helped them recover , with the hashtag #myjourneytorecovery .

We know that some people feel uncomfortable sharing their face on social media so this could be a picture of some writing you found therapeutic, a craft you made, a book you read or the information of a charity who supported you for example.

We know that over the last year, support has been provided in new ways and wanted to create an Awareness Week to reflect on the different routes to recovery.

It may be that you are a charity, organisation , health care professional or perinatal mental health team who are supporting the week and we would love for you to get involved and share photographs of what you do to support families with the same hashtag.

It could be that you are currently unwell and do not want to share anything and that’s okay, as sharing photos is just one part of the Awareness Week.

Over the course of the Week, as always, we will be running sessions on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Clubhouse offering practical advice and support. We are delighted to be collaborating with organisations across the UK to deliver these and hope the week provides information to support your personal journey to recovery.

Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing details of our daily themes and calendar of events.

We would like to thank Hafeeza from roshni.2 for creating these beautiful images for the Week.


Published by evecanavan

Postpartum Psychosis survivor. Maternal Mental Health Warrior. Mother to wild child, mouth of a sailor and hips from butterville. Coordinator of the UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness week.

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